Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cyber Security, This means YOU!

United States better pick up their game on Cyber Security & Cyber Warfare!

 John Podesta's email coulda been hacked by a 3rd grader, his password was "Password".

Majority of people I know have no virus protection software at all! People dont want to pay for a good protection but freely pass their bank & creditcard info over their PCs connection!

 The US government dont care if Americans get hacked because the US government is hacking your shit too! (Why do you think their not warning you on this shit!) WAKE THE FUCK UP EVERYONE!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

  Christmas Holidays are a hard time for some people. Its always a good time to check on friends & family who are alone & see how their doing! Perhaps an invite to spend time over an Xmas dinner, or maybe even some Xmas drinks.
On this holiday I like to touch base usually with lost friends. Although I'm not religious, I always seem to reflect on what I have & am thankful for that! May you all get what you want this holiday, & not what you deserve. (Perhaps you've lived a wonderful, helpful, year & deserve more then what your getting!)

 Heh, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL! (Oh, LOKI Loves Xmas, especially food & presents!)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Well now that Marijuana has been totally LEGAL in Colorado since January 2014 for recreational use, were all still alive!

The ground didnt open up & swallow everyone, the sky didn't open up & lightning bolts come down.

We did have a big party in front of the state capitol!

What it did do is create an insane rush of people & as I write this, Colorado has now become one of the most expensive places to live, in the whole United States!

Well the weed legalization created a flood of people and also jobs.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 United States Presidential Election!
Here's some interesting facts for this election! If your like me, & were undecided, then perhaps this may help! These facts were & are kinda a game changer for me!

Although nothing here affect's me too much, I'm sure it will effect alot of people here! ( I disagree with almost all on the Trump side! Gay marriage, Abortion, Drug testing welfare, Felons voting, Space, Military budget, Vaccinations, Federal Medical assistance, Global warming)
2016 Presidential Idiots!

AMERICA IS ALREADY GREAT, but starving poor people & not helping the sick will only really hurt our people & make us into a 3rd world country! (Johnson even looks better on everything!) Hah, Happy 2016 USA Presidential Election!

4 months till the 2016 election as I write this. . . I'm confident that Americans won't choose Trump but they did choose George Bush #2 twice!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rise Above Hate!
It's very sad to see so many people hating on other people just because they are Muslim- (I myself am an Atheist), so to me you worshiping a being in the sky is just as stupid to me. But, Most of the Muslims I have met, are very nice people, as with most, of the Christians although Christians seem to try to force their beliefs on me with more aggression then I can usually tolerate!

What astounds me is the prejudiced that people are now throwing everywhere here in the US which I think is pretty much a very sad "MOB" mentality and is no different then hating Blacks, Mexicans, Gays, or anyone else that differs in any way. 

What's even more crazier is the Blacks, & Mexicans joining in this ignorance when they have tasted this treatment on their selves!

You can really see how stupid your friends, and family are when they speak on Facebook & it really does show their total stupidity & IGNORANCE! (You people know exactly who you are!) SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE! 

Go ahead & block me if you don't like this, because I see some of the crap you post & I wonder why I even acknowledge your living to begin with! May You ALL be Treated the Same Way You Treat Others! If there really was any justice that's exactly what would happen to you!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!
It makes me what the British people think about this American holiday!  :)

 Anyhow, I love this holiday!  Not only can we celebrate our countries birthday, but it's summer!  Fireworks, Festivals, Fairs, Concerts, Picnics, & just about anything & everything you can imagine!  4th of July is the greatest summer holiday ever!   

I love this country & am proud to be part of this great nation!  Compared to most other countries in the world, our country is young!  We are free to choose, by the people, for the people, free to live! 

Happy Independence Day America! 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I see these days, alot of people posting stuff on racism. Granted, racism does exist without a doubt- Alot of the stuff posted by people against white cops, to me are also raciest. Let's face it, there are good white cops & also bad black cops!

The problem though mostly is "The Blue Wall" that the cops protect each other with (I'm very surprised that most people don't see this & are blinded by their own racism). - We should have harsher laws for cops that are caught hiding or doing anything wrongful- (Kind of like the "Position of Trust" laws that are setup for perverts!) I'm very surprised that most of us are all blinded by color as much as we are!

It's very sad when all you have to do in your life, is point out all the BS about cops shooting blacks- With all the other BS wrong in the world, take a breath & post some other stuff like on Hunger, Pollution, Global Warming, so much BS for ya to rant on I'm really sadly starting to see that some of the people I hold dear & call friends, are very raciest themselves- (If you steal my shit, I don't care what color you are! I hope they drag your ass and hang you from the nearest tree & I'll be happy to supply the rope to do it!)

Your far from being alone with the race card- My friends in real life all know, that I'm with them, by their side, no matter what, every step of the way!  So many of you are alienating the very people that support your cause by making us seem like were not with you on this-