Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rise Above Hate!
It's very sad to see so many people hating on other people just because they are Muslim- (I myself am an Atheist), so to me you worshiping a being in the sky is just as stupid to me. But, Most of the Muslims I have met, are very nice people, as with most, of the Christians although Christians seem to try to force their beliefs on me with more aggression then I can usually tolerate!

What astounds me is the prejudiced that people are now throwing everywhere here in the US which I think is pretty much a very sad "MOB" mentality and is no different then hating Blacks, Mexicans, Gays, or anyone else that differs in any way. 

What's even more crazier is the Blacks, & Mexicans joining in this ignorance when they have tasted this treatment on their selves!

You can really see how stupid your friends, and family are when they speak on Facebook & it really does show their total stupidity & IGNORANCE! (You people know exactly who you are!) SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE! 

Go ahead & block me if you don't like this, because I see some of the crap you post & I wonder why I even acknowledge your living to begin with! May You ALL be Treated the Same Way You Treat Others! If there really was any justice that's exactly what would happen to you!

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