Thursday, May 7, 2015

I see these days, alot of people posting stuff on racism. Granted, racism does exist without a doubt- Alot of the stuff posted by people against white cops, to me are also raciest. Let's face it, there are good white cops & also bad black cops!

The problem though mostly is "The Blue Wall" that the cops protect each other with (I'm very surprised that most people don't see this & are blinded by their own racism). - We should have harsher laws for cops that are caught hiding or doing anything wrongful- (Kind of like the "Position of Trust" laws that are setup for perverts!) I'm very surprised that most of us are all blinded by color as much as we are!

It's very sad when all you have to do in your life, is point out all the BS about cops shooting blacks- With all the other BS wrong in the world, take a breath & post some other stuff like on Hunger, Pollution, Global Warming, so much BS for ya to rant on I'm really sadly starting to see that some of the people I hold dear & call friends, are very raciest themselves- (If you steal my shit, I don't care what color you are! I hope they drag your ass and hang you from the nearest tree & I'll be happy to supply the rope to do it!)

Your far from being alone with the race card- My friends in real life all know, that I'm with them, by their side, no matter what, every step of the way!  So many of you are alienating the very people that support your cause by making us seem like were not with you on this-

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