Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Welcome to the 2016 United States Presidential Election!
Here's some interesting facts for this election! If your like me, & were undecided, then perhaps this may help! These facts were & are kinda a game changer for me!

Although nothing here affect's me too much, I'm sure it will effect alot of people here! ( I disagree with almost all on the Trump side! Gay marriage, Abortion, Drug testing welfare, Felons voting, Space, Military budget, Vaccinations, Federal Medical assistance, Global warming)
2016 Presidential Idiots!

AMERICA IS ALREADY GREAT, but starving poor people & not helping the sick will only really hurt our people & make us into a 3rd world country! (Johnson even looks better on everything!) Hah, Happy 2016 USA Presidential Election!

4 months till the 2016 election as I write this. . . I'm confident that Americans won't choose Trump but they did choose George Bush #2 twice!

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